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Is a Bigger Furnace Better?

Jan 7

hvac heatingSimilar to other appliances, heating systems age and begin to break down, requiring a new furnace install in Timberwood Park, TX. As a homeowner, it is enticing to look for a bigger furnace thinking that it has more efficient and faster heat output. However, that’s not always the case. 

Below are some reasons why a bigger furnace is not always better. 

Energy Usage

More heat does not mean more comfort. A larger furnace can actually make matters worse by using more energy to push out enough heat, so homeowners have a higher monthly utility bill to settle.

The trick here is to invest in a furnace with the right size, and a technician in furnace install in Timberwood Park, TX can be a lifesaver. 


A furnace that is too powerful can make a lot of noise while running, which might disturb others who are trying to sleep at home. That heating system may also cause a banging sound while it functions. This can shake other HVAC parts loose and may result in unexpected repair and replacement.


A furnace that is too large wastes gas and isn't energy-efficient when its capacity exceeds your needs or cannot heat all areas because of rooms with high ceilings or poorly insulated spaces. 

Remember that manufacturers size a heating unit according to the square footage of homes, so keep capacity issues in mind when purchasing new equipment and considering a furnace install in Timberwood Park, TX.


Larger furnaces are not necessarily more efficient than smaller ones. In fact, they can be less efficient, especially if a heater replacement is needed. 

But if a bigger heating system is already installed, the usage of fuel or energy will increase, making your other HVAC units fail. 

This will lead to burnout, gas problems, and other furnace malfunction issues without proper attention. 

Wasted Distribution

A furnace with excess capacity often sends too much heat through distribution vents to places where it is not needed. This does not only affect the level of comfort in your home but also increases electric bills.

So, sticking to a heater with the right size is a good idea, and a furnace install in Timberwood Park, TX can guide you from start to finish. 

Sub-Par Materials

Even if they are too powerful, furnaces may be packed with short-lived HVAC components, so it is advisable to consider a furnace install in Timberwood Park, TX that uses a high-quality heater to avoid any costly problems in the future.


An oversized furnace usually creates a strong force that leads to a buildup of condensation - a perfect breeding ground for mold growth if not resolved by furnace install in Timberwood Park, TX right away. 

The extra heat also increases humidity in some rooms when conditions aren't ideal, causing windows to fog up with moisture. 

Unnecessary Stress

A furnace set that works for a homeowner may not be suitable for others. Every person has different needs and requirements, after all. 

So, instead of taking advantage of a heater with excess capacity and experiencing problems along the way, a furnace designed exclusively for your home will be your best bet. 

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Many people believe that a bigger furnace is better. That’s why they invest in a larger heating system and end up with high electric costs, frequent repairs, and poor heat output. 

Before you stick to a specific furnace, it is ideal to consider the size of your home. It sounds easy, isn’t it? If you are still unsure about your choice, let My Favorite Service Company assist you. They provide reliable product recommendations aside from furnace install in Timberwood Park, TX

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