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Jan 12


You may have heard that cleaning your HVAC system's air ducts can reduce your utility bills, improve indoor air quality and prolong the life of your HVAC system. That information is correct. That's right.

You did read that right! Other than hiring professional cleaning services, there are some things you should do. Don't worry! We'll walk you through how to prepare for your scheduled duct cleaning.

How to prepare for the arrival of professionals

You, the homeowner, must make important decisions to ensure the success of the project. Here are some things you should do:

Clear the Workspace for Duct Cleaning

After the duct cleaning specialists arrive, you don't want your work to begin. This will slow down their work. It is best to inquire about the space needed around the furnace, register, and air conditioner in advance.

Clear out the space, and ask your children to do the same. Ask employees to clean out any clutter in the office. This is a crucial step that will make the cleaning process faster and ensure you have your space back in no matter how little time.

Take Safety into Account for Your Pet

Do you wonder what to do about pets during a duct cleaning? You should consider the safety of your pets during duct cleaning. It is possible to remove them from the cleaning process.

If your pet is not at home, it's important to notify the contractors. It is possible to have one room cleaned first, and then secure your pets in that area. You should inform the technician if you are not available but your pet is at home.

Decide whether to stay or leave

Before you schedule your Air Duct Cleaning Columbus Ohio appointment, it is important to decide whether your family will be leaving the house or staying at home. Duct cleaning can make your children's ears sensitive and may be too noisy for them.

You might still want to be there for the entire process. You will need to notify the technician if you or your children are unavoidably present. You and your children would need to be familiar with the safety protocols and tools that are required at a job site.

After you have spoken with the technician and agreed to your presence, it is time for the professionals. Wait, there are some things you should do before the professionals arrive.


What to do when the professionals arrive

Many people make the error of leaving as soon as they see the contractors. Do not make this mistake. Some things you should do when the technician arrives:

  • Ask them to take a look at your home or office. You should point out any vents or registers you would like to have cleaned. If the technician is skilled, he/she might point out areas that you didn't notice.
  • It is best to discuss how the building will be protected, such as drop cloths or corner guards.
  • You must let the technician know where the keys are to be dropped after you have left the house.
  • It is important to ask lots of questions. This service will cost you money so make sure you ask lots of questions. Ask any professional.

These steps will help you prepare for professional clean ducts in your home or workplace.



After all your steps have been completed and the professionals are done, make sure you review the results with them. You shouldn't have any problems if you choose a reputable duct cleaning company.

Are you searching for a reliable air duct cleaning service?

Columbus Airduct Cleaning is the company for you. You will receive the best service from our technicians. We are proud to have satisfied customers.


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