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Thermostat Problems that Affect Home Heating

Mar 8

When homeowners experience comfort issues, the first thing they blame is the furnace in Llano, CA. They immediately think they are face expensive repair and maintenance. We bet you’re guilty about that!  However, heating problems can also occur when your thermostat is running faulty.

Keep reading this article to learn the common thermostat issues and how they impact your home comfort.

Dirt Buildup in the Device

Dust, dirt, and tiny particles can build up in your thermostat’s components over time. The debris encourages the thermostat to deliver incorrect temperature readings and might damage the parts of your device over time. This issue can be solved simply by cleaning the device regularly.

Clean the device by removing the plastic housing and wiping the dirt away. You can use a soft brush to clean it. Doing so ensures that your thermostat will run properly and smoothly in the long run. If this won’t solve heating issues, then there might already be a problem within your furnace in Llano, CA.

Thermostat Placement

Direct sunlight has a significant impact on the way your thermostat works. Incorrect placement can cause your thermostat to give false temperature readings, which also affects the proper operation of your heating system.

Try to observe your thermostat throughout the day and see if it is directly hit by sunlight. If it is, then request your technician to move it to the correct location. Doing so doesn’t just allow the device to provide proper reading, but also saves you energy from your furnace in Llano, CA and improve home comfort

Thermostat is Located Near Heat-Emitting Sources 

Direct sunlight is not the only issue for wrong reading. Placing your thermostat near heat sources such as stove, oven, or fireplace also brings a negative impact on your comfort.

The heat causes the device to work abnormally, resulting in incorrect temperature reading. The excess heat it senses makes the device think the room is warmer than the actual temperature. When scheduling for repair and maintenance for your furnace in Llano, CA, don’t forget to ask your technician about the proper placement of your device. 

Your Thermostat is Damaged

Check your thermostat’s current condition to know if it is really the cause of discomfort issues. Inspect if the device is damaged or broken. Recalibrate the setting if the temperature outside changes or check the battery for a replacement. Also, consider a new installation if the device is old.

If nothing works, then call your technician right away as discomfort in your home might mean your heating system itself is the problem. Schedule a heating repair and maintenance to solve any underlying issues in your furnace in Llano, CA.


Ask the Experts About Your Comfort Issues


The cold winter season can be a tough time for homeowners, especially when the heat doesn’t work properly. If you notice any changes in your indoor temperature or if it was recently replaced with an old model then don't hesitate to call for assistance.

Having a properly functioning furnace in Llano, CA is essential, especially when the winter reaches its peak. Call the professionals immediately if you observe some changes in your indoor temperature, even if you did not modify your thermostat’s setting.

They can help identify and fix the root cause of the problem. They can also determine if your thermostat runs faulty or it is your furnace that needs repair and maintenance service.

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