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What You Need to Know About HVAC Warranties

Mar 21

furnace replacementBefore making an offer, many home buyers want to know about the energy efficiency and durability of a new home's heating and cooling systems. There is no better way for sellers to demonstrate that these systems will provide reliable performance than through guarantees or warranties that cover parts and labor for specified periods after the sale or after the furnace replacement in Searcy, AR. The coverage will give you added peace of mind and guarantee bigger savings. 

Read on to know what these HVAC warranties are all about.

What are HVAC Warranties For?


Any equipment (including your heating and cooling system) should be covered with a warranty or a manufacturer's guarantee. It guarantees that the product will operate at its best after the furnace replacement in Searcy, AR. The coverage will protect you from costly repairs whenever your system acts up or breaks down sooner than expected.

Additionally, your local HVAC will provide a warranty to protect you from poor installation or repair work. 

3 Types of HVAC Warranties 


  • Parts Warranty

You can be qualified with a parts warranty if your HVAC contractor identifies that the failure is due to a factory defect or when the unit breaks down after a few years the furnace replacement in Searcy, AR is done. Your contractor may also order a new part and send the defective ones to the manufacturer. You don't need to pay for the parts while it is under warranty, but you have to shoulder the labor cost for part replacement. 

  • Labor Warranty

Typically, manufacturers don't cover labor costs because they cannot guarantee a job done by another company. For this reason, homeowners need to hire a professional and licensed contractor that offers parts and labor warranty after the furnace replacement in Searcy, AR is done. You can even negotiate with your contractor if you wish to extend the warranty coverage. Sometimes, extended warranties also cover labor costs.

  • Extended Warranty on Selected Parts 

Extended warranties are typically provided on some of the vital parts of your HVAC system, such as heat exchangers, compressors, and coils. Some comfort equipment manufacturers even cover these parts until your unit reaches its last leg.

f these crucial components break down or malfunction, your contractor will verify the problem and replace the parts. The part is free, but you have to pay for the installation.

When you sign on the dotted line for a new HVAC system, you might assume that everything is covered under warranty. And that if something goes wrong with your brand-new heating or cooling equipment, a furnace replacement in Searcy, AR will be done right away.

It's not as simple as that; some warranties are much better than others, and you need to read the fine print to know what it covers before you sign on the bottom line. If you want to learn more about warranty types and their coverage, always ask the pros for expert assistance.

Ask Your Contractor about HVAC Maintenance Proposals


No two HVAC companies are the same: one may offer an HVAC maintenance proposal, and one doesn't. So before you get a furnace replacement in Searcy, AR, make sure to ask about it so your unit gets all the protection it needs.

Professional contractors like Noland Heat & Air can help your unit avoid unexpected breakdowns and get it ready for whatever challenges the season brings. The plans can give you peace of mind with all the expert work and guidance delivered throughout your unit's lifespan. They can even help keep your warranties intact through professional repair and installation.

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