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6 Signs It's Time For A Furnace Repair Work

Apr 10

Even in Phoenix, Arizona, the winters have started to get cold. These changing seasons make your furnace vital in keeping your home warm and comfortable. However, heaters and furnaces in the region are only used heavily during the colder months. They can get damaged even without you noticing.


Although you have regular maintenance work scheduled, there are a lot of other factors that can damage your unit and require you to get a furnace repair in Phoenix, AZ. To prevent breakdowns when you least expect them, here are six signs that your furnace is due for a check-up.

1. Tripping Carbon Monoxide Detector

Carbon monoxide (CO) detectors are a standard in today's furnaces. This feature, which detects even the odorless and colorless CO, alerts users whenever toxic gases accumulate at higher-than-normal levels. If the detector trips, never disregard it. Turn off your furnace at once, and open your doors and windows. Don't turn your furnace back on until the issue is resolved. Lastly, call your furnace repair techs in Phoenix, AZ and have them investigate the source of the toxic gas leak.

2. Not Enough Heat

As a heating mechanism, your furnace should provide warmth to your home when you need it. If you feel that it takes longer for the system to reach the target temperature than it used to, then an unscheduled repair or maintenance job might be in order. Although it might not be a problem with the furnace itself, your ductwork might've been having holes and leaking air.

3. Malfunctioning Pilot Light

A pilot light is a small indicator included in most furnaces. The standard color should be blue, which indicates clean and purely natural gas is reaching your burners. Different materials get mixed in if it starts taking other colors, like orange or yellow. This color change is a cause for concern because impure burning gas could lead to toxic substances carried to the rest of the system. Make sure to schedule a furnace repair in Phoenix, AZ to have it checked out immediately.

4. Unusual Smells

Most people in Phoenix, AZ only use heaters during the winter. A scent similar to burning dust is typical, especially after turning on the furnace after a couple of months. It should go away after a while. However, other smells that might be oily or musty indicate a problem with your system, and calling a professional is your safest bet. Generally, if the air from your vents smells weird, turn the system off and call furnace repair.

6. Inconsistent Furnace Operation

If you're having difficulty starting up your unit or need to restart it a few times a day, then there might be a problem with your furnace. Different parts could cause this problem, from the burner to the thermostats. It might be tempting for you to tinker with the unit yourself, but it's better to let professionals handle it if you're inexperienced with working on furnaces. Usually, they'll find the cause of the problem and replace the damaged part.

7. Unusual Sounds

Today's available units are designed to be as silent as possible when running. However, hearing unusual sounds like creaks and pops might warn that there's something wrong with the unit. While this might be restored by a simple oil change or tightened bolts, needing a short furnace repair in Phoenix, AZ, there are cases where a sound out of place might be warning you of something else.


Find Furnace Repair Pros in Phoenix, AZ

Sometimes, minor warning signs such as those listed above might indicate a severe problem waiting to disable your furnace unit fully. More importantly, you and your family's safety might be at stake by not acting immediately.


If you think something's wrong with your unit and you need furnace repair in Phoenix, AZ, check out Mountainside Air Conditioning & Heating. Contact them today and have your heating unit checked.