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Top 5 Heating Issues That Homeowners Commonly Deal With

Apr 13

Heating problems can be among the most aggravating issues for homeowners, especially during winter. Imagine not having adequate heat when you need it most or the furnace keeps screeching when you're relaxing. At these times, homeowners thank that heating repair in Holland, OH is always available to tackle their concerns.


If you've experienced any of these, you're not alone; most homeowners have. Here are some more heating issues that homeowners like you commonly deal with.


Not Enough Heat

Are your heaters not heating enough? Well, it's a problem that never gets old. This strongly indicates a furnace or heating system issue. Sometimes, there's no heat at all. In worse-case scenarios, the heating system generates cold air instead of warm heat.


If you're lucky, this could just be a wrong blower fan setting or clogged filters. Usually, though, it signals more significant issues, such as duct leakage or ignition system damage. If the latter occurs, you must immediately call for heating repair in Holland, OH and address the problem.


Furnace Gives Off Squeaking Noise

Some furnace noises are somehow expected. Hence, they are often overlooked. Strange noises from your furnace, especially those that disturb your sleep, signify that something isn't right. Rumbling, rattling, or squeaking are early indicators of a possible heating problem. 


These noises could be caused by faulty ignition, worn motor bearings, a clogged burner, or other mechanical issues. Before the problem worsens, call for heating repair in Holland, OH and have your home heating system checked.


Clogged Filters

Clogged or dirty filters are usually the culprits of reduced heater airflow. Sometimes, this happens when the area around your air vent is obstructed or dirty. This dirt around flows to your filter, clogging it over time. Clogged filters could lead to more severe issues if left ignored, necessitating total furnace replacement.


Unless you regularly replace your air filters, you're up for more severe problems. If your air filters fill up fast, there may also be ductwork gaps or leaks.


Heater Turning Off Too Soon

When your heater shuts down quickly after having just turned on, it's usually a case of 'short cycling.' You're experiencing this common heating problem if the heating cycle at your home does not even reach 10 to 15 minutes. This could happen when the furnace size is inappropriate for your home, there are issues with the thermostat, flame sensors need replacement, or the air filter is clogged.


Heater System Stays On

If your furnace is always running, try turning it down. If it doesn't — and not for the lack of attempts, there may be a problem with the thermostat not communicating correctly with the heat pump. In more severe cases, this could also be caused by a faulty limit switch or a damaged compressor contractor. This often requires professional help from experts in heating repair in Holland, OH.


When to Call for a Professional Heating Repair in Holland, OH

You don't need to deal with these home heating system issues independently. Save yourself the time and frustration, and let professional heating repair in Holland, OH, get the job done.


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