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How to Troubleshoot Low Airflow from a Furnace?

Apr 19

furnace repairHave problems with low airflow from your furnace? You’re not alone! It is a common issue that many homeowners experience and requires immediate troubleshooting. Otherwise, it can result in mild to severe problems, including reduced heating efficiency and increased energy bills.

And so, in this post, we will discuss some common causes of low airflow from a furnace, plus troubleshooting tips to keep your furnace running smoothly all winter long.

What Causes Low Airflow from a Furnace?

There can be several different causes for a furnace to have low airflow.

  • Dirty air filter

It restricts airflow and causes the furnace to work harder than necessary. If the filter is clogged with dirt and debris, it can reduce the amount of air that flows through the unit, leading to poor heat distribution and reduced efficiency.

  • Blockage in the system caused by ice or snow

A build-up of ice or snow on the coils or in the ductwork can impede airflow and reduce heat output. In severe cases, this can lead to system failure.

  • Leaky ductwork

Holey ducts usually cause a reduction in airflow and lead to poor heating performance. Leaks can be caused by holes, cracks, or poorly connected joints.

  • Closed vents

If the vents in your home are closed, it will decrease the amount of air that flows through the furnace. Make sure all of the vents in your home are open to ensure optimal airflow.

  • Damaged fan motor

A damaged fan motor also restricts airflow. Replace it as soon as possible to prevent further issues from arising.

Three Ways to Troubleshoot Low Airflow from a Furnace

Assuming your furnace is not performing well as it used to or you have trouble heating your home. The good news is that you don’t need intricate skills or call emergency furnace repair in Billeud, LA, to troubleshoot the problem.

With just a few simple steps, you can bring back the comfort of your home and enjoy the long winter seasons.


  1. Check the filters

First of all, check the filter. If it’s dirty, clogged, or blocked, it will prevent airflow from the furnace. Clean or replace the filter as necessary.


  1. Check the vents

Ensure the vents are open and that furniture or other objects are not blocking them or preventing the air from flowing through them.


  1. Check the furnace

Let’s say neither of those things solves the problem. Before calling furnace repair in Billeud, LA, you may need to look at the furnace itself. Ensure it is in good condition and all parts are working correctly. If you notice something is wrong with any components, consider replacement or repair. 


Should You Call a Furnace Repair Company?

Low airflow can be cleaning or replacing a dirty filter or adjusting a few settings on the furnace. But in some cases, there might be something more serious, such as a faulty component or wiring issue.

Furnace repair in Billeud, LA, can identify the source of the problem and troubleshoot it with ease. The contractor will provide a quote for the necessary repairs to give you an exact idea of what you are getting into before doing repairs.

Moreover, a furnace repair company can help you maintain your furnace to run more efficiently and last longer. They will diagnose any potential issues before they become too severe and require costly repairs.

By keeping your furnace in good condition, you can save hundreds of bucks on energy expenses and avoid having to replace the entire unit prematurely. So, don’t wait until your furnace stops working altogether. You can get help from Acadiana Comfort and have a free estimate by calling (337) 636-6463.