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Is Your Furnace Overheating?

May 22
furnace repair

Furnace problems are a common occurrence even with seasonal maintenance. The daily use of your heating system or furnace can take a toll on its performance, and you’d often notice sluggishness or inadequate heating over time. 

So, if you notice that your furnace stops working or is not producing adequate warmth, then it could be time for furnace repair Amesbury, MA.

NextGen Aire LLC is a trusted name in the HVAC industry, and they offer flexible and customized options for varied heating needs. They cater to both residential and commercial clients who are experiencing trouble with their furnaces. 

What Are the Danger Signals of an Overheating Furnace?

One of the common problems that furnaces encounter is overheating. Heating systems would usually be running for prolonged periods, which may cause overheating. This happens especially during the winter or cold season. 

It’s important to be aware and observant of your furnace to avoid further problems along the way. Partnering up with a professional HVAC company that specializes in furnace repair Amesbury, MA helps you gain that confidence and peace of mind that your heater will perform at peak levels just when you need it the most. 

Below are some of the common warning signs of an overheating furnace:


When you observe that your furnace would constantly switch on and off repeatedly, then this hints at a clogged vent or drain that is restricting proper airflow. This happens mostly when the air filters are clogged with dust or dirt, limiting the warm airflow in your indoor space. 

When this happens, the heater will tend to overwork in order to compensate for the heating demands of your home. The best way to solve this issue with your furnace is to immediately schedule routine maintenance to clean the filters or replace them when necessary to maintain smooth flow of warm air. 

Strange and Disruptive Noises

While a little noise is normal for any equipment such as your heating system, loud and strange noises are a cause of alarm. In order to prevent furnace problems from getting out of hand, it’s best to follow tune-up schedules to figure out what’s causing the rattling and banging sounds and fix the problem right away. 

Burnt Smell

If you notice a burnt smell coming from the vents, then it’s a red flag that your furnace is overheating. The best way to ward off this problem is to call a furnace professional right away. Any burnt smell is always an emergency situation, so don’t delay.

Go Ahead and Schedule for Furnace Repair Today!

An overheating furnace calls for emergency furnace repair because it can trigger fire. This poses harm to your home and family members. So, once you observe that your heater is overheating, it’s time to call on the  NextGen Aire LLC experts right away! 

Their expert team of HVAC professionals is always on the go and can be reached 24/7. So, you can count on them to be on the rescue, even on weekends or during holidays. They have a team of certified and licensed technicians who have years of extensive experience on the job and can perform excellent and professional furnace repair Amesbury, MA. Contact them today for an estimate and to schedule a furnace repair!