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What is Included in Furnace Maintenance?

May 30

furnace maintenanceRegardless of what type of heating system you use, it’s important to have regular furnace maintenance London, ON performed by a qualified professional. This will help ensure that your system runs properly and efficiently, and it can also prevent small problems from turning into big (and expensive) ones.

During a typical furnace maintenance visit, the technician will inspect the furnace to ensure it’s working properly and that all the components are in good condition. Here are the typical services included in a visit:

Clean or replace your furnace filters

Good indoor air quality has been important for a long time, but it’s become even more so now with everyone spending more time at home. Your furnace filter helps remove pollutants from the air, and it should be replaced regularly as part of furnace maintenance London, ON. It must be done at least once per season and more often if you have pets or someone in your home who suffers from allergies or asthma.

Check for cracks or leaks

A cracked or damaged heat exchanger is a serious problem, resulting in carbon monoxide leaking into your home. During the visit, your technician will look for cracks to ensure that everything’s working correctly.

Check for worn belts, motors, and other components

Regularly replacing the parts of your furnace that are subject to wear and tear can help extend its lifespan. Your technician will check for any worn parts during the furnace maintenance London, ON, and replace them if necessary.

Calibrate the thermostat

One of the most essential aspects of furnace maintenance is calibrating your thermostat. This ensures that your furnace is heating your home to the temperature you want it to be, and it can also help improve the efficiency of your system.

Test the airflow and combustion

Good airflow is essential for your furnace to work correctly, and the combustion process also needs to be checked. The technician will test both of these during the furnace maintenance visit to ensure that your system is working as it should.

Clean the furnace

Your furnace should be cleaned regularly to prevent dust and dirt build-up. This can cause the system to work harder than necessary and lead to indoor air quality problems. During the furnace maintenance London, ON, the technician will take care of cleaning the furnace so that it can work as efficiently as possible.

Inspect the ductwork

This step is vital to ensure there are no blockages or other issues. Your furnace’s ductwork is an essential part of the system, and it needs to be cleaned to remove debris that sits there for a long time. Your technician can also seal the cracks, gaps, and holes to allow efficient heating.

Check the flue pipe

The flue pipe carries exhaust gases from the furnace out of your home, and it needs to be inspected regularly. During the furnace maintenance London, ON, the technician will check for any damage or blockages to ensure that it’s working correctly and safely.

In addition to these services, some companies also offer additional services or products at an extra cost. If you’re interested in having your ducts cleaned or using environmentally-friendly cleaners for other aspects of your furnace maintenance, be sure to ask about those options when you call to schedule your appointment.

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