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Which Company Is Camus Hydronics, And Who Are They?

Nov 17

Camus Hydronics produces a variety of high-efficiency gas-fired copper tube and stainless steel boilers and water heaters for residential, light commercial, commercial, and industrial applications.

Camus Hydronics operates out of a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility that has state-of-the-art testing labs, engineering departments, production and assembly lines, a warehouse, and a parts depot.

Boilers and water heaters employ heat exchangers called firetubes and watertubes, and these may be either condensing or non-condensing or near-condensing.
To 6,000 MBH at 80 MBH input. Product that can be used for anything. You can find something in your pricing range.


To provide hydronic heating, the commercial sector offers the Avenger counterflow Firetube boiler. This unit has a turndown ratio of 25:1 and a thermal efficiency of 98%.


The stainless steel condensing boiler and water heater known as the DynaForce is a WATERTUBE design. There are a total of 18 sizes to choose from, with capacities ranging from 300 to 5,000 MBH.


The DynaFlame is a boiler and water heater made from copper tube/cu-ni or stainless steel WATERTUBE. Different degrees of condensing models are also considered. With 16 sizes ranging from 500 MBH to 6,000 MBH, there's sure to be a perfect fit.


Hydronic heating and domestic hot water may be provided by the Valiant, a commercial two-pass counter flow Firetube boiler. With a turndown ratio of 10:1, it has a thermal efficiency of 99.99 percent.


The DynaMax is a water-tube boiler and heater made of stainless steel. The wall-mounted units come in a wide variety of capacities, from 80 MBH all the way up to 800 MBH.


The Vtech is a tankless, stainless-steel water heater with an internal storage tank. Nine sizes are offered, beginning with 80 MBH and ending at 499 MBH.


The DynaFlo is a portable kit that can convert any kind of boiler into a system capable of producing an endless supply of potable water. You may choose from 9 different sizes ranging from 80 to 499 MBH.