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Heating Options for Old Houses

Jan 4

heating installation Cleveland, TNIn the modern world, most houses come with central heating systems. Others use efficient heat pumps and furnaces that keep the home warm without wasting energy. However, older houses may not be equipped with these modern heating solutions, leaving homeowners to find other ways to keep their homes warm. Luckily, there are several effective and affordable solutions for heating installation Cleveland, TN for those with old houses.

If you're trying to keep your old house warm this winter, here are some heating options that you should consider:

Electric Heaters

Electric heaters can be used as both primary and supplemental heat sources. They're typically portable and can heat a single room or small house area, making them perfect for spot heating.

They can also help reduce your energy bills by allowing you only to heat the rooms that you're using. For instance, if you only use the kitchen at night, you can turn on an electric heater in that room and keep it warmer without having to warm up the rest of the house.

Space Heaters

Space heaters are larger than electric heaters but are still portable and can be placed in any room you wish to heat. They are also a perfect option for old homes needing a new heating installation Cleveland, TN. They provide more concentrated heat and are ideal for warming up a bigger house area.

However, they should be used cautiously and never left unattended because of the fire risk.


Fireplaces are a great addition to any home, but they're a particularly attractive option for old homes due to their aesthetic appeal and efficiency. Fireplaces can be fueled by wood or gas, adding an extra layer of convenience to your heating needs. They're a great way to add ambiance and character to your old house. So if you need a new heating installation Cleveland, TN for your old home, a fireplace might be your best bet.

Mini-Duct Forced Air System

Mini-duct forced air systems are ideal for those with limited space and who want the convenience of central heating. This system utilizes a series of small ducts connected to a single central blower unit, allowing warm air to circulate effectively throughout the home.

Hot Water and Steam Radiators

Hot water and steam radiators provide a good amount of heat and are easy to install. They use a central boiler and a series of pipes to circulate hot water or steam throughout the house. These systems are great for those with old houses looking for a more traditional heating installation Cleveland, TN.

Radiant Heat

If a central heating system is not a good fit for your old house, one good alternative is a radiant heating system. This system heats your home from the ground, providing a more evenly distributed heat. Radiant heating systems can be installed on both concrete and wood floors, making them a great option for those with old houses.

Forced Air

Forced air furnaces are the most common heating system used in modern homes. They use a central furnace to distribute the heated air throughout the house via a network of ducts. If you want to use a furnace in your old home, there's a trick that can help you save money and energy.

Look for a furnace specifically made for tight spaces, as these can help you reduce the amount of ductwork needed. If the house has both a basement and an attic, one solution is to put floor registers on the first floor with the fan-coil unit in the basement. For ceiling outlets on the second floor, use a separate unit in the attic.

Heating Installation in Cleveland, TN

Having an old house doesn't mean sacrificing comfort or convenience. There are several options for heating installation Cleveland, TN for your old home.

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